About Castro

Castro is a man with several epithets – filmmaker, scriptwriter, entrepreneur, estate agent and financier. A wealthy family background notwithstanding the young Castro chose his own path in his struggle to succeed. Today however, the administration of the family assets is Castro’s principal focus. With a vision that education offers a better basis for the promotion of understanding between various cultures, religions and other discrepancies, charity too is a very important part of Castro’s work.

The production of film was the central focus for Castro but today he views film as something of a hobby. Despite this Castro has several film projects in the works, and this to a total budget of over 1.5 SEK billion. In the past Castro has produced feature films and documentaries which round off to a total budget of over 250 SEK million. The films have won several prizes at international film festivals. More information about the films can be found under Projects.


Castro speaks five languages fluently. He has a wide contact network which spans the world. His primary operations are real estate by way of the Abu Dhabi First Nationalconsortium where Castro is CEO. Castro’s mother, Subhyia, is chairperson and founder of Abu Dhabi First National and they work in close proximity, administrating the family’s means, along with that of the other investors, in the best way imaginable. During the past decades the consortium has largely bought up old centrally located film theatres and remodelled them into shopping centres, something which has been very lucrative. Investments have also been made in Disney and Warner-owned Silver Screen Movie and by way of this interests in a large fun and theme park in Florida, among other things. The consortium has also invested in various film and TV buildings in Moroccoand Asia.

The spirit of enterprise is very important for Castro. He has been founder and investor in several companies in various industries, several of which have been listed on the stock exchange. Like other entrepreneurs Castro has had both fortunate, as well as less fortunate, investments.

Among other things Castro has owned the TV channel, Channel 4 in Denmark (DK4) with over 100 employees. He was one of the world’s first to work with film on the Internet, video on demand, at the end of the 1990s. It is only just of late that the market for film on the internet has really exploded.

You can read more about Castro’s various investments under Projects.