Current News

2010: Castro takes the chair after his mother’s years at the helm of the family

Following a long period of training, where Castro has studied and observed the family corporate Group, Castro is taking over the Chairmanship of the family company Aladdin Investment . Aladdin Investment is the management company which controls all companies within the Group. Castro’s mother, Subhyia, has built the Group from a small investment company to a large Group of companies.


The primary holdings are in real estate with long-term ownership and management, but new media has also emerged to fill an important space in the portfolio. Now Subhyia leves the group for good. She shall spend time with her family, her seven children and twenty-two grand-children.


Castro says “My mother has created and built a strong and well-functioning corporate Group. There is little work involved in managing what she has already achieved”.


Thanks to this fortunate situation Castro wants to combine business with charity and is consequently launching and forming an Israel/Middle East fund for a better Midddle-East and a better world. Through this fund he plans to spend more time on charitable work and building a better future for Israel& Palestine,an issue which many people believe to be the most central one in the world. “Building the fund as well as the search for the right peace makers and guiding lights is in full swing right now”, says Castro.


2010: Castro – The Man from Nazareth

Thomas Sjöberg, the author of several works about interesting Swedish personalities such as Ingvar Kamprad and Bert Milton, has written a book about Castro. It is a success story about the extremely headstrong, tough entrepreneur and businessman with the Palestinian/Israeli background whom many people have attempted to put in his place but have failed. Sjöberg reveals many deals in the book where well-known people, such as Erik Penser, Janne Carlsson, Lasse Hallström and members of the Bonnier family, have been involved.The book is completed and will be available in the shelves in 2010.


2009: Castro produces films for the Islamic market

The Islamic market for film and TV production is a gigantic one. Castro is currently involved in the following productions in progress:

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1. Films:
a) Salaheddin
b) Al Andalous

2. TV productions
a) The adaptation for the screen of the life of the Prophet Mohammad
b) The adaptation for the screen of the spread of Islam
c) 12 day TV debate programme where Dr Hussain discusses Sharia.
d) TV documentaries: Muslim way of life in various parts of the word. One country per episode is focused upon.


2009: Film in progress – The African

Castro is producing a documentary film about the political struggles of a West African presidential candidate. The film is made by Folke Rydén and Peter Löfgren, together with the same team who was involved in the prizewinning documentary film about the life of Yasser Arafat; the Pistol and the Olive Branch from 2002.


2009: Books in progress – The African

Castro is producing a book about an African presidential candidate who strives to better his country’s situation by investing in education and healthcare. There are fantastic development potentials in the continent and the aim of the book is to be able to contribute to a change in Western-perspective on Africa in some way, and to inspire people in African countries to the idea that it is worth fighting for a better future by peaceful means.


2009: Film in progress – Sebastian’s Love

Castro is producing Vita Andersen’s love story about a mother and son. Khatib and Lasse Hallström have penned the script.


2009: Film in progress – The Martyrs

Castro is producing a film which puts the spotlight on the Palestinian issue of suicide bombers and martyrs. The concept is that events are unfolded in the US and the idea is dealt with that there are always two sides to any coin.


2009: The Messenger – Music and Charity Project

Castro’s vision is an annual music and charity gala to counteract inter-religious prejudice.


2009: The Messenger of Peace – Film Project

The Messenger of Peace is planned to be the largest Islamic film ever produced. Castro, together with his mother Subhyia Khatib, are the initiators of the project. The messenger tells the story of Islam. The aim of the film is to lend a better image of Islam in the West and to build bridges of understanding and respect between the different world religions. The film will be made in English with Hollywood actors and the target group is an international one. The film will follow Shari laws and Mohammad himself will not be depicted. The costs for the project are expected to reach 100 million Euro; the Khatibs will put up 25% of this.


2009: The Prince of Thieves Foundation

Castro and the family have set up a fund for channelling their investments to charity organising in a more effective manner. The fund will grant annual contributions in the form of a distinction system where people who have done something especially distinctive for the betterment of the future will be allowed to chose which charity is to receive the award. More information about The Prince of Thieves Foundation is to be found here.


2009: The African Foundation – Charity commitment

Castro establishes a charity fund which aids the democratisation of African countries. The size of the fund is 20 million dollars.


2008: Europe’s most expensive apartment

Castro and his Lebanese business partner sell the most expensive apartment in Europe ever, considered in terms of square meters. The apartment is located in Monaco and cost 48 million Euro when it was acquired by Castro and his partner. Six months later it is sold for 72 million Euro; which is a record price for a private European apartment.


2008: Castro CEO and President Abu Dhabi First National

Castro is appointed CEO and president of Abu Dhabi First National which is an investment fund within the domain of real estate. The fund administers 1.5 billion Euro and is located in Abu Dhabi and Monaco.


2008 – The world’s most expensive home

Castro introduced two friends to each other and this resulted in the execution of the largest private real estate deal in the world, to the tune of 500 million Euro. Castro mentions with pride that he is happy that the introduction led up to the deal. “Both purchaser and seller are friends of mine and it was mostly all about getting them together. The purchaser is a Russian businessman and the seller is a wealthy widow. It took about an hour for the purchaser to make the decision to purchase the premises”.


2006: MoroccoFilmCity

Castro and his Russian business partner are the initiators in the creation of a giant film studio and entertainment centre in Morocco. Film will take pride of place in the park, the nearest equivalent of which is Universal Studios in Hollywood US.


2003: Little Brother on a Thief Hunt (Lillebror på tjuvjakt)

Castro and his Russian partner have financed a family film which goes by the name ofLillebror på tjuvjakt (Little Brother on a Thief Hunt). The script is written by David Berron, Anders Lennberg , Clas Lindberg and Urban Nordgård. Claes Lindberg director. Actors are Kjell Bergqvist, Daniel Bragderyd, Helena Korsvall, Inga Ålenius and David Schlein-Andersen.


2003: Big Kiss

Castro and his Russian partner have financed an international film with Billy Zane and Emma Sjöberg. It is an action comedy and events are depicted on the news trade, to be more exact, war corresponding. The film will be directed by Billy Zane who will also play the principal male role. In the other roles we see Emma Sjöberg and Karina Lombard, among others. The script is written by John Paul Chapple and Urban Nordgård.


2002: The Olive Branch and the Gun

Castro and partners have financed a documentary film about Yasser Arafat done by Folke Rydén and Peter Löfgren. The film will depict Arafat’s upbringing and life up to today’s situation in Palestine. It is hoped that Yasser Arafat himself will participate in an interview from Ramallah.


2000: Aberdeen

Castro part-financed the Norwegian/British production Aberdeen, with, among others, Stellan Skarsgård in one of the principal roles. The film is a family drama under the direction of Hans Petter Moland. Kristin Amundsen and Lars Bill Lundholm have written the script. In the acting roles we find Jean Anderson, Lena Headey, Charlotte Rampling and Ian Hart, among others.


2000: Film via the net, “Filmvianet”

Castro invests in Video on Demand (VOD), jumping in to the market where you can find competitors such as Thomas Kresner and Paul Allen.


1999: The Diver

Castro gathers together the crème de la crème of the Swedish film industry to the thriller entitled The Diver. In the main role we see Isabella Scorupco and Stefan Sauk. Sauk has also penned the script. In the other roles we see Alexander Skarsgård and Thomas von Brömsen , among others, and Klaus Maria Bradauer (Out of Africa, Never Say Never Again). Erik Gustavsson is the director.


1996: To steal a thief (Att stjäla en tjuv)

Castro and his Russian partner have financed the film att stjäla en tjuv (to steal a Thief) which will be comic Robert Gustavsson’s first feature film. It’s entirely a comedy about a failed small time thief (Gustavsson) in Stockholm. In the other roles we see Tova Magnusson-Norling, Sif Ruud and Lis Nilheim, among others. Claes Lindberg is the director.