Friends and role models

Castro has a worldwide network of friends and business partners, from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Palestine, Israel, Europe, Russia, Asia and the US. They all have different cultures, nationalities, and religions especially. Here is just a short presentation of a selection of Castro’s friends and role models.

Al Jajosi

Al Jajosi is a Palestinian family with enormous assets, principally in the area of land ownership and real estate.

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Al Maktoum

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, also known as SheikMo is the Emir and ruler ofDubai. He is also Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates. He previously held the post of the country’s Minister for Defence. He is married to Princess Haya who is the daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan and step sister to King Abdullah II of Jordan.

In 2007 Al Maktoum donated in the region of 70 SEK billion to an educational and research foundation for the Middle East. The foundation will support education and invest in regional projects which can offer work opportunities and an increased standard of living. This is said to be the largest donation ever donated in the world up to this time.

Khalifa ibn Zaid an-Nahayan

Al Nehajan is an Emir of Abu Dhabi as well as being the President of the United Arab Emirates. He was appointed to the position in 2004 after his father passed away. Because of the father’s considerable ill health he led the country even before this time. The Emir is renowned for his interest in sports. Above all he enjoys traditional national sports such as horse and camel racing.

Castro is convinced that Al Nehajan will further strengthen the world position of Abu Dhabi in the years to come.

Al Saoud

Al Saoud is the royal family of Saudi Arabia, who also rule the country. Castro says that he has the telephone number of about 30 kings and princes, but that this can hardly be seen to be impressive when there are over 300 princes in Saudi Arabia.


The Arafat family has enormous assets and wealth the world over. Castro and his family have connections with the family. Among other things, Castro has met the deceased Yasser Arafat several times. The friendship with the family was significant for the creation of the prizewinning documentary film Arafat – The Olive Branch and the Gun, which Castro produced.

Yasser Arafat is a person whom Castro holds great respect for and he considers him to be one of the world’s absolute greatest leaders.

Michael Jay Solomon

Michael Jay Solomon began his career in the film distribution industry by loading up films as an 18 year old for United Artists. He quickly advanced within the company and, as a 24 year old, became the youngest business area manager for United Artists with a position in South America. In the 60s he established MCA’s TV division in Latin Americaand a few years after that, at 30 years of age, he became MCA’s youngest ever MD. Today Solomon is active as chairman of Vertigo Theme Parks which is a large operator in the amusement park/theme industry.
Solomon sold his company to Warner for 1.4 billion dollars.

Morris Mel

Morris is one of Great Britain’s best known entrepreneurs and business employers. In 1989 he sold his share in the real estate company Ford Sellar Morris Properties and invested in the IT company, Prometrics, which he sold in turn at a good profit in 1997.

Oscar Zoghbi

Oscar Zoghbi is a Christian Lebanese who has made the only really big Islamic film project to date, The Message. Together with Castro, Zoghbi is involved in The Messenger of peace project.


Procharov is the name of a very wealthy Russian family. Their assets are primarily linked to oil and real estate.

Roberto Haggiag

Roberto Haggiag passed away in February 2009. He was a legendary film producer, distributor, and very influential for Italian film. Roberto Haggiag was a Jew who fled to the US during the Second World War USA. He got into the film industry by purchasing the European distribution rights to all the Walt Disney films. In the 50’s he helped Robert Benjamin and Arthur Krim to acquire United Artist from Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin and established the United Artists Italian distribution sector, DEAR Film.

Roberto Haggiag owned Warner Brothers during the 60’s. He was even the principal owner of Europe’s largest film studio, Cini Chita, located outside Rome.

Simone Haggiag

Simone Haggiag is the son of Roberto Haggiag. He is active as a film producer, distributor and entrepreneur. He sits on several company boards in the entertainment business, Cinecittá Entertainment SpA and Italian Entertainment SpA, to name a few. He is also the board representative in ECLA SpA, a credit company. Simone Haggiag is also a very talented musician. He is engaged in environmental issues and the preservation of rain forests. Together with Castro he is involved in the Morocco Film City project.

Furst Albert av Monacco

Furst Albert is the ruler of Monaco where Castro lives and spends a great deal of his time. Prince Albert and Castro got to know each other when they met during the filming of the film The Big Kiss which Castro produced in 2003.

Mats Sundin

Mats Sundin is a hockey oracle and an ice legend who is part of Castro’s circle of friends.

Mariusz Czerkawski

Marius Czerkawski is a professional ice hockey player who has played both in Europeand in the NHL. He was previously married to Isabella Scorupco who is also in Castro’s circle of friends.

Mikael Thelvén

Mikael Thelvén is one of several professional ice hockey players in Castro’s circle of friends. Thelvén has played in the NHL among other things.

Billy Zane

Hollywood actor, Billy Zane, is probably best known for his role in the huge feature film, Titanic. Billy Zane worked together with Castro in the film The Big Kiss.

Izabella Scorupco

Izabella Scorupco is a Swedish Hollywood actress and international photo model with Polish roots. Izabella today lives in Los Angeles, USA. Castro and Izabella got to know each other in the 90’s when they worked on the film The Diver among other things.

Klaus Maria Brandauer

Klaus Maria Brandauer is a German actor who has been working on several Hollywoodproductions. Castro and Brandauer worked together in the production of the film, The Diver, where Brandauer has a large role.

Bertil Olsson

Bertil Olsson is the Swedish film producer who has succeeded best in Hollywood. Among other things he has produced the feature films; Gilbert Grape, Amadeus andthe Unbearable Lightness of Being.

David Lowe

David Lowe is a legendary lawyer active within the international film scene. He is a non-American who has been the boss of a big American film studio called Orion. Lowe has been involved as a lawyer and legal advisor in several hundreds of films which have totalled all of 49 Oscars.

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