The Coexist Foundation

The Coexist Foundation is a British charity organisation which was founded in 2006. The aim is to work towards the establishment of better understanding between Jews, Christians and Muslims by means of education, dialogue and research. The Coexist Foundation supports different schools and universities for the promotion of better understanding and dialogue between the various religions.

The goal of the organisation is right in line with that of Castro’s own vision: that education and knowledge can increase mutual understanding for people and create a more peaceful society in the long run.
Presently Castro is considering supporting Abraham House, which is a London-based project under the auspices of Cambridge University. Abraham House will invite official schools and educational programs to deepen their understanding surrounding issues between the monotheistic religions and see how pupils from divergent religious backgrounds can work together for a better society, one free from antagonism.

For further information visit The Coexist Foundation web site.

More information about The Coexist Foundation project proposal is to be found here (pdf).