The Messenger of Peace

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The Messenger of Peace is the charity project which is dearest to Castro’s heart. Central to the film is that it is a sequel to an earlier screen adaptation of the life of the prophet Mohammad entitled The Message with Anthony Quinn. The primary aim of the film is to lend a better image of Islam in the West and to build bridges of understanding and respect between the different world religions.

The film will be made in English with Hollywood actors and the target group is an international one. The film will follow Shari laws and Mohammad himself will not be depicted. The Messenger of Peace is extremely important for Castro and his mother Subhyia, who view the film as something of a life-work. Read more about the film The Messenger of Peace here.

Budget - proceeds

The entire budget for the project is set at 100 million Euro. Through the Prince of Thieves Foundation the family will go in with 25 million Euro themselves. The rest of the funding comes from bankers and other external investors. There is great interest in the project and the revenue prospects are deemed to be good.

In order to really further the aim of promoting understanding and mutual respect between world religions, the family plan to donate their expected profits from the project to charity. The idea is that 25% of the profits (i.e. the Khatib family’s share) will go to charity projects such as the Co-Exist project in Israel/Palestine and Africa, as well as to education-related projects such as the donation of computers and other educational material to schools in poor countries. The family are entirely convinced that increased knowledge is fundamental to ushering in respect and understanding between groups.

The rest of the profits will go to other projects within The Messenger of Peace, in the form of an annual music gala, for example, where each time the proceedings in turn will go to a new area of need in Palestine or Africa for example. Read more about the plans for the musical gala here.

Contributions may also be considered for charity organisations which share the values of the project, such as The Coexist Organisation and The Tony Blair Faith Foundation.