Abu Dhabi First National

Abu Dhabi First National (ADFN)  is an investment fund based in the Gulf States. The investments are in real estate. The share capital amounts to 100 million Euros with an investment portfolio of over 1.5 billion Euros. The shareholders and the investors are made up of 15 friends, colleagues and relatives of the Khatib family. They make up a consortium which is known as the family.

The Khatib family themselves, under the leadership of Subhyia and Castro, are the primary investors in the fund, as well as being the founders and administrators. The organizational structure comprises an Advisory Committee and an Investment Committee which take an active role in portfolio management. From all corners of the globe; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Russia, Palestine, Israel, Europe and Asia, the investors boast various cultures and nationalities but have a common interest in real estate management.

ADFN is a global investment fund which invests both in public buildings and private buildings; such as hotels, commercial centres, offices and residential housing. The object of the operation is to create an attractive share portfolio with good returns by drawing on the shareholders’ market expertise.

During the past decades the consortium has carried out lucrative business with Warner Village Road Show cinema group. Investments have also been made in Disney and Warner-owned Silver Screen Movie and in a large fun park in Florida. The consortium has also invested in various film and TV buildings in Morocco and Asia.

ADFN will especially invest in and support original thinking and innovative companies with large growth potential. The object is developing their operations to a profitable intent. More information about 

Abu Dhabi First National is to be found at the official website.

Fakta Abu Dhabi First National

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Abu Dhabi, Monaco
Chairman: Subhyia
CEO: Castro
Organisation: Advisory Committee, Investment Committee
Share capital: 100,000,000 Euro