Castro – the man from Nazareth

Castro – the man from Nazareth is a biography of Castro up to the present time. Thomas Sjöberg who is the author of several documentary books such as Ingvar Kamprad and his IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad och hans IKEA), Private with Bert Milton (Private med Bert Milton) and the babysitter from Knutby (Barnflickan i Knutby ) has written the script. Previously Sjöberg and Castro worked together on the book about the film, The Diver.

Castro – the man from Nazareth is a success story about Castro, portrayed as the incredibly headstrong and tough businessman that he is. Nothing has ever been easy for Castro and many people have tried to fight him but have failed. Sjöberg reveals many deals and snippets in the book that have to do with household names, such as Erik Penser, Janne Carlsson, Lasse Hallström and members of the Bonnier family, and various Royal families.