Film is one of Castro’s greatest interests. Even if all the films that Castro has been involved with have been profitable (even the dubious The Diver), film is primarily a hobby. Castro has had his greatest success as a producer and co-producer, but he has also been a screenwriter.

Castro has worked with the same Russian partner for basically most of his “film-life”. During the period of 1995-2003 they were asked to part-produce close to 75% of all Swedish films which were made. Castro was acclaimed as a “miracle man” when it came to the private financing of films. Many people who sought finance for films, which were not chosen to be invested in, became disappointed, and several slandered Castro; spreading the rumour that the money came from Russian mafia sources. This is something which Castro thinks is regrettable.

Castro has been active as a producer in the production of the following films: Att stjäla en tjuv (To Steal a Thief), Dykaren (The Diver), Aberdeen, Lillebror på tjuvjakt (Little Brother on a Thief Hunt), The Big Kiss, Arafat – the Olive branch and the Gun.

Castro is involved in the preproduction of the following films: Sebastians kärlek (Sebastian’s love), The African, The martyr and The messenger of Peace. He is also presently considering going into a project with the controversial title 9/11 from the other side.

Castro is also involved in a series of Arabic films which are also in preproduction, Salaheddin and Al Andalous for example. He has also been involved in a string of TV productions, a documentary, among other things, about the life of the Prophet Mohammad and the spread of Islam. He also produces the Arabic talk shows Dr Hussain and the Sharia role, where current issues are discussed. An additionally interesting Arabic TV project is a documentary series about Muslim life in different parts of the world, focusing on one country per programme.