Sebastian’s Love

Sebastian’s Love is a film which is based on Vita Andersén’s book of the same name (Sebastians kärlek). When Castro read the book he immediately contacted Vita Andersén and purchased the rights to the screen version in the 1990s. Castro had great ambitions for the project and it was decided that Lena Ohlin and William Hurt would play the leading roles and that Lasse Hallström would be the director. The project was hotly discussed in the media, in Sweden especially because it was to be Lasse Hallström and Lena Olin’s first film together.

Castro was to produce it together with Bertil Ohlsson who had previously worked successfully with Lasse Hallström in the production of the film, Gilbert Grape, with Johnny Depp and Leonardo di Caprio.

Castro has also written the script which was later reworked by Lasse Hallström and Leslie Holoran.

Unfortunately the project never took off but Castro still owns the rights to the script and plans to realise the film in the not too distant future.