The Diver

A woman (Izabella Scorupco) is found in the waves of the Baltic by the fisherman Arne (Stefan Sauk) and his crew. Without having any knowledge of the woman’s background Arne suddenly finds himself fleeing from two rival gangster mobs. Two people with widely separate backgrounds and different worlds become increasingly drawn together.

The film had a budget of 28 million SEK. Castro partly financed it with private funds but also, to a greater extent, through product placement, which was relatively uncommon at that time. Castro succeeded in gathering together the crème de la crème of the Swedish film industry. Good actors such as Isabella Scorupco, Stefan Sauk, Alexander Skarsgård and Thomas von Brömsen participated, as did international stars such as Klaus Maria Bradauer (Out of Africa, Never Say Never Again). The Oscar nominated Erik Gustafsson was the director in charge and Roxette performed the theme for the film. Everything was geared up for success and the interest surrounding the film was enormous. At the first press meeting, in connection with the filming in the west coast, over 40 journalists were gathered and the whole filming was watched with intensity.

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Castro drove a huge marketing campaign of American proportions as well as publishing a book about the film. It was really meant to be a public success but both the cinema-going public and critics alike betrayed the plan. The film was entirely axed by the critics; mostly because of the uninteresting acting from the actors and the poor camera work. The product placement too was an issue for discussion. Several scenes contain advertisement signs at unexpected locations and radio advertisement occurs which is slightly too obvious in audible terms. The film is actually really bad, says Castro, but the outcome was an economic success despite this.



Swedish thriller from 2000
Director: Eric Gustavsson
Producer: Castro
Script: Stefan Sauk and Gerald Wilson
A selection of the actors taking part:
Izabella Scorupco
Stefan Sauk
Björn Floberg
Alexander Skarskård
Alexander Domogarov
Klaus Maria Brander
Tomas von Brömsen
Leif Andrée
Budget: 28 million Swedish kronor