The messenger – Alrassoul

The Messenger is a project which is of the greatest importance for Castro and his mother Subhyia, who view the film as a life-work. The messenger tells the story of Islam and portrays it with a better image in the West. Its aim is to build bridges of understanding and respect between the different world religions. The film will be made in English with Hollywood actors and the target group is an international one. The film will follow Sharia laws and Mohammad himself will not be depicted.

The Messenger has previously been made for the screen in the 1970s with Antony Quinn playing the lead role. And with The Messenger one is able to follow various characters who have lived their lives at the time of the Prophet. Their trials include that of war, love, infidelity, vengeance etc. The drama is powerfully affected by the life and “message” of the Prophet to the people about Islam. The story has its beginnings inMecca when Mohammed receives his revelations and one is then allowed to follow the progress of the Islamic faith during the rest of the Prophet’s life.

It is the story of a man who leads a revolution against idolatry and a corrupt society, a revolution which had the support of those less fortunate in life along with the lower classes. The revolution was unsuccessful and Mohammad was betrayed and became excommunicated from society. The Prophet and his followers took up residence inMedina (north of Mecca) where the religion grew stronger and larger. In 632 Mohammad returned to Mecca and took over the administration of the city (the year is the starting point for the Islamic calendar). The film is a story about a leader who transforms defeat into triumph and instigates a brighter and more peaceful future for his people.

The production budget is calculated to be one of 100 million Euro. Castro and his family will, to a certain extent, allocate private funds to the production. The idea is that the revenue from these investments will go to charity via organisations which support education as a means of developing understanding between different religions. More information about the planned charity work in connection to the project is to be found here.

In association with the film a large musical project is planned: A LIVE AID concert to enhance understanding between cultures and religions. Castro strongly believes in utilising entertainment with the aim of bringing people closer together. More information about the plans for the musical event is to be found here.

When the recording and production starts up properly the information about the project will be continually updated at
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