Morocco Film City

Morocco Film City (MFC) is a large and interesting construction project within the entertainment business. A gigantic entertainment and leisure theme park is to be constructed in Marrakech, Morocco; films will play a central role here just the way Universal Studios is set up in Hollywood. The idea is that the site will contain everything for the entertainment and film buff, hotels, resorts, restaurants, golf courses, shopping, lush gardens and film studios, where you can see how things work behind the scenes of a film studio production etc.

MFC  is a project which Castro finds extremely exciting along with his Russian partner who is the brainchild and initiator behind it all, as well as other investors (family and friends), bankers and financiers. The choice of Morocco as a location for the park takes its cue from the country’s film tradition which stretches back to the days of Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart’s classic, Casablanca. Morocco’s geographical location and access to land are other aspects which have been weighed up.
The project is extensive and complex. The total cost is estimated at 1.2 billion Euro (Oliver Wyman, Humberts leisure and Tenon Group). Several architects, designers and construction firms have been involved in the project, e.g. Grant Leisure, Wyatt Design Group, WSP, Baker Wilkins, Global universal, to name but a few.
The studio complex contains everything for film production; indoor studios, studios for post production such as lighting and editing as well as departments for costumes, makeup and scenery. Plans are also underway to integrate a film school in MFC.


The Medina is the name of the other buildings in the park, such as stores for shopping, museums, restaurants and hotels in various price categories, a spa, golf courses etc. Private residences and houses will also be constructed in MFC.

The project is still in its infancy and it is estimated to take several years from the drawing board to the completed park. .