Music project – The Messenger

Castro has a vision of promoting a gigantic music project.

At the same time as producing the film the Messenger of Peace, the aim of which is to create an increased understanding and mutual respect between Islam and the West, Castro’s idea is to also promote a colossal music project with that same aim in mind.

The ambition for Castro would be to involve some of the following people and enterprises :

Abu Abbas, President of Palestine
Al Mufti of Egypt, Muslim religious leader
Al Mutran of Israel, Jewish religious leader
Allan Counter, Professor at Harvard
Atif Abdi Malik, Financial expert Bahrain
Bob Geldof, Musician
The Coexist Foundation, charity organisation
Hillary Clinton, US Minister for Foreign Affairs
Jacob Rothschild belonging to an affluent Jewish family of bankers involved in the Co-exist project
Jay-Z, Musician
Kanye West, Musician
Obama administration, US presidential administration
Oprah Winfrey, Media icon
Prince Abdullah bin Hamid Al Khalifa of Bahrain, Prince of Bahrain
Prince of Thieves administration, charity organisation
Prince Waleed, Prince of Saudi Arabia
Puff Daddy, Musician
Quincy Jones, Music producer
Richard Branson, Entrepreneur
Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai, Prince of Dubai
Shimon Perez, ex-president Israel
Simon Cowell, instigator of the idol TV series
The Vatican Administration, Vatican state
The Tony Blair Foundation, charity organisation
There will be LIVE AID Concerts in the form of two huge TV transmitted concerts. One is to take place in Palestine/Israel, the other in an African country.


The aim of the project

The primary aim of the Messenger is to build bridges of understanding between various religions and cultures to promote a better world of the future. Entertainment is something universal and it is an effective way to heighten understanding between various religions, cultures, races and other different groups. The idea is that the profit from the project will go to charity organisations which work for the co-exist project in Israel/Palestine and towards the betterment of Africa. One good example of such a project is presently run by The Tony Blair Foundation and The Coexist Foundation. More information about these organisations can be found under “Charity”.